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Dear Emily

Dear Emily

Dear Emily, 

I do not know you. 

Nobody knows you, yet everyone is angry with you. 

I stumbled upon the widely shared screenshot of your post and I became instantly disappointed. 


I wanted to reach out to you, because I believe you need someone in your corner. I would like to be that someone who helps shatter the glass box you have put yourself in. 

I could have expressed this through anger like most of the students who are reposting your ignorant statement, or I could redirect you through this difficult learning experience you're sure to go through. I am very sarcastic so please do not misinterpret my snarky comments as hate. 

Unfortunately Georgia Southern now has a face to the racial divide on campus and it happens to be you

From your post you have publicly illustrated the racial code we Eagles have prided ourselves in for years. This code is the unspoken line in the pedestrian that we as students have walked on for ages.

White students come together at the bars. Black students gather in the union. White fraternities and sororities have the grand houses where they throw antebellum parties. Have we ever had a Chinese  homecoming queen?

You have not only created a problem with Black students, you have created an issue with the small yet powerful White clan who want to continue on this legacy of racial divide.

Your friends who might have your back now will disappear because they want to dress up in their old southern garments and catch roses off the plantation house balcony while they mumble underneath their breath about the niggers on campus.

They surely can’t do that with “white privilege” Emily there.

Maybe you can gather your friends up and start a GoFundMe page to transfer to The University of Alabama. I hear the racial unity there is spectacular.

You know what I found most offensive in your post? Other than your poor grammar. Hopefully after Georgia Southern clears out the smoke fire you created they can work on the English department. 

What I found the most offensive was your use of the word “y’all”.

You. All.

As in Black People?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say”?

Now I am quoting from you, “Maybe no one like or takes y’all seriously because no one can see past your egotistical bullshit”.

When is it the right time to take a group of people seriously? Probably when you're screaming “Whose House” while the Black football players run up and down the field.

Are they egotistical after winning a game?

You then decided to comeback with a second post going into full detail on what you really meant. Do you not know that we as Americans do bad at sequels. Have you not seen Speed 2: Cruise Control? Worse movie ever. 

You start tremendously bad with your line, “I look white…but I’m just not white. I’m Hispanic and White.”

Quick Lesson: Being Hispanic or Latino is not a race but an ethnic identification.

I do not know if you know this but Hispanics can in fact be of any race.

Take me for example. I am Black but I am also Hispanic. Puerto Rican to be exact.

Looks like we have something in common. Does that make you egotistical?

Now that we have come to the understanding that you are a Hispanic American I have some questions.

How do you feel about the graduation rate of Hispanic children in America? What are your feelings on the gross wage gap between White Women and Hispanic Women in our country? Should I bring up Donald Trump?

You then say, “….myself and probably many others are tired of this racial divide that is present even when we should be a united front.”. 

Do you know why there is a racial divide at Georgia Southern, let alone America? Because there are two major players in the game; minorities (you saw where I didn’t put Black people) who are exhausted in allowing social injustices to fall through the cracks, and the majority who are comfortable with the divide and find extreme fault in those who want change. 

This goes for Gays, Muslims, Transgenders, Catholics, Blacks, Women, Children, Jews, Etc…..

FYI. There are several different minority groupings; racial, gender, religious, age and disabilities.

Do you feel uncomfortable being labeled a double minority seeing how you have a vagina and you're Latina?  

You then become a liar Emily. You state that Georgia Southern is a school where color didn’t exist to you. 

Do you hang out with minority students outside of class? Do you invite your Hispanic friends to your apartment? Are you a member of a minority club on campus? 

At Georgia Southern do you know what color I saw?


Even though I absolutely loved being an Eagle I did not feel welcomed. I was not small and blonde with greek letters on my back. I did not fit in. 

So it is an insult when you say that color does not exist for you. Because as a student of color it does. 

And that will be your problem for the next couple of days, hell maybe weeks. 

There is a small percentage of minority students, including your fellow Hispanics, who are exhausted with the race game we have been losing at Georgia Southern for years.

We are not important to Georgia Southern unless we throw a football, pass a basketball, or kick a soccer ball. 

Does that make you feel uncomfortable?

It should. 

I feel sadness for you Emily. I do not believe you deserve the fire storm you have coming your way. I believe you are just another ignorant privileged woman in America who needs a quick and swift lesson on the minority/majority checkers game that is currently being played.

You do not deserve the threats. You do not deserve people coming to your job. You do not deserve people disrupting your education. 

But the minorities in America do not deserve lower wages. They do not deserve poor education. They do not deserve harassment. They do not deserve inequality. 

And I don’t know if your mama ever taught you to not air your dirty laundry out on the street, but take it from me and keep your shit private. 

!Si, se puede!  



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