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Women Do NOT Need To be Told That They're Beautiful.

Women Do NOT Need To be Told That They're Beautiful.

Not to be taken as vain or egotistical, but I will admit to knowing that I am pretty.

I have a beautiful face that's home to gorgeous brown eyes, a button nose, and the most cherub dimples known to mankind. Well, that's how my grandma describes me to the eligible bachelors at church. 

So when a guy tells me that I’m beautiful, it's a great compliment, but I get nothing out of it. 

I have had my fair share of men break their necks to either cross the street, chase me through a bar, or pervertedly let me know on Tinder how beautiful I am

When you tell me that I’m beautiful it does not make my panties wet nor will it make them drop. But most of all it will not make me fall for you.

Before ALL the guys out there start to bash me and kindly let me know that the reasoning behind their declarations of beauty are not for the mere simple fact of getting laid....I have a point.

Many girls in my age bracket get off on being called beautiful, or to be crudely informed that they're a "bad bitch". Thats why we plan all day on the perfect outfit, get dolled up, strategically contort ourselves for the perfect selfie all to watch Netflix for the rest of the night. 

Ladies, let's not lie. Let’s confess...

We look for that one special guy to like our picture. Our hearts thud at a high speed once we get that notification. And lets not even speak of what happens when he comments with that dumbass smiley-face-with-hearts-for-eyes emoji.

Trust me, I've been there.

More than likely you’ll entertain him because he validated that you were beautiful.

Once he’s told you that, it’s more than likely a wrap.

Getting into the panties is the easy part and if that’s what you’re both down for then I pray that plentiful orgasms come your way.

But there are women out there who are looking to be told that they're more than just beautiful. 

Someone commented to me some days ago that I enjoyed taking selfies. 

It's true.

At first I thought that maybe I seemed some type of way that I enjoyed posting pictures of myself on Instagram. 

That I was looking for validation. That I was looking for someone to appreciate my beauty.

But honestly that's not really the case.

I KNOW I'm beautiful; therefore that's why I post them. I embrace it.

I post them for myself because years ago I would have NEVER posted anything.  

There was a point in my life that I absolutely hated myself. I let others opinion of beauty allow me to hate what I saw in the mirror.

I constantly searched for someone to tell me that I was beautiful. That I was good enough. That I was pretty. That I was smart. That I was funny. That I was worth it,

It was a combination of a lot of things. Past hurt, bullies at school, a turbulent relationship with my father, an eating disorder, etc.. If you didn't know, there is not much acceptance in the world for a fat girl. 

I had to really learn how to love myself. It's so cliche, but you really can't expect others to love you unless you love yourself. And once you love yourself the validation of others really doesn't mean shit.

It took a while for me to feel comfortable with who I am. In front of the mirror and inside.

It took even longer to love it.

So that's why I don't need to be told MY OUTER SHELL is beautiful.

I tell myself that EVERYDAY.

Women need to be told that their spirits are beautiful. That their minds are beautiful. That their strength is beautiful. That their courage is beautiful.     

We offer so much more than beauty.


WE are more than beautiful. 


Always, Mohria 

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