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An Apology: To the Boy Who Broke My Heart

An Apology: To the Boy Who Broke My Heart

Before a movie comes out we get ambushed with that small one minute or less trailer that gets played over, and over again. It allows us time to contemplate if we’re going to hassle to the movie theater, wait in line surrounded by horny teenagers, shell out the $11.50, then pay an indecent amount of money for popcorn and Thin Mints.

Thank God for previews, because more or less we decide to skip the hassle, and bootleg it.

I only wish that we could preview relationships, and sample the scorching burnout that comes with most. 

Think about it. If we could cut through the haze of puppy love, infatuation, and naivety and get to the heaviness and pain that comes when the downfall appears then maybe, just maybe, we would skip that line. 

As bad, and dramatic as it sounds heartbreak is not for the faint-of-heart. It will literally put you in the most deep comatose state, where you’re questioning your life’s path.

It’s like watching Terms of Endearment, while reading "Of Mice and Men", all while listening to "Unbreak My Hear"t. So dramatic. Yet, so very true.

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We’ve all been there. We wait hopelessly by our phone. Just months before we couldn’t get them to stop blowing us up, and now dead silence. We just know he’s going to come to his senses and call to apologize, declaring it all a mistake. Come on, girls.....

But what if we had been wasting our time? What if instead they had been waiting on the other end? Wait, I have a point.

When we get our hearts broken we look for that person to get on bended knee and apologize profusely on how wrong they were. But what if we were wrong, and they deserved an apology? Don’t kill me, I promise I have a point. 

So here goes girls, get your pen and paper ready, so you’ll learn how to apologize to the boys who have broken your heart.

To the boy who broke my heart, 

I'm sorry for putting you and our relationship over my ultimate career and life goals. I should have taken notes when watching "The Hills" when Lauren chose Jason over Paris. Don't worry, I never got that close. 

I’m sorry for not knowing my worth...especially when I begged you to not leave me. What in the hell was I thinking? A Queen never begs.  

I’m sorry I had unrealistic expectations for you. Like the production team of American Sniper had with that fake-ass baby.

But my most sincere apology to you was for falling in love with you while you were just a boy. If only the stars allowed for me to meet you when you evolved into a strong secure man who knew not to throw away a diamond for some small-time sparkle.  

You see this apology wasn’t to the boy who broke my heart.This apology was to myself. 

To Mohria, I’m sorry that you believed he was “the one”, because you now have Tinder. Right Swipe! 

To Mohria, I’m sorry that you cried so many tears, because you were starting to resemble all those Kim Kardashian crying memes. In 3D.

To Mohria, I’m sorry that you thought you would never get over it, because you now completely have gotten over that ridiculous notion. Hello, if Lauren could get over Jason, so could you. Duh. Never choose a boy over Paris.

To Mohria, I’m sorry that you felt you weren’t good enough, because you now have higher expectations, higher standards, and a higher libido that only a good man can meet and succeed at. 

When you believe that you’re in love, and you get run over by lies, deceit, and unfaithfulness we start to turn that into a problem we see inside of ourselves. We sit and worry, while they’re probably moving on with the girl they cheated on you with.

We don’t get our hearts broken, we get our hearts burned. But there is beauty in that.

You have to get burned before you find yourself. You have to find yourself before you really find the right one.

You have to always have courage to open your heart, because the right man will know how to protect it.

But until then, there is always Tinder. 

Love Always, 



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